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Enjoy Out Of Town Affairs UK – a safe place to meet online

July 10th, 2009 | Comments Off | Posted in Adult Dating Tips and Advice

There’s a lot talked about using online communities and their potential risks to your personal information, personal finances and even personal safety. But in truth it doesn’t take a lot to minimise those risks, if not eliminate them completely.

Follow these few simple check points and you’ll have nothing to worry about.


As with any login information, choose a password that you can easily remember but that would be difficult for anyone else to guess. Childrens’ names are easy to remember but could be quite straightforward for someone who knows you to guess. Passwords such as “password”, “123456″ or “qwerty” are a definite no-no, as is your own name!  Out Of Town Affairs UK will never send you e-mail asking for your password, so if you get anything like this, please forward it on to us.

Personal information

We all want to appear open and friendly when we’re meeting new people, but we should also be careful to make sure we want someone to have our information before giving it out. Out Of Town Affairs UK has a wonderful Messaging system which means you don’t need to give out any contact information at all until you’re happy to, so don’t be afraid to tell someone that you’d rather stick to the on-site system for a bit longer. If they’re genuine then they won’t have a problem.

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